Learn How Everyday Men Are FREEING Their Minds And GROWING Like Crazy…

‘It Was A Massive Change For Me. From Just 3 Days, I’ve Walked Away With A Whole New Inspired Way Of Looking At Me Life’

Keith came into the program looking for a new lease on life. After facing some health challenges, some trying times and some challenges with his wife, Keith has now come out like a new man, with a positive outlook and looking into the possibilities of Sound Healing as a new career option down the track.

‘Have The Tools To Get Into My Unconscious And Deal With Those Emotions – Didn’t Know It Was Possible. I’ve Seen Psychiatrists Before And They’ve Got Nothing On This.’

Chase came to us to do LAUNCH after a fair few attempts to work through his issues with psychiatrists. He felt stuck and was not sure where to go next. Now, he is kicking goals and taking names, moving through some tough limiting beliefs, and showing up for his family like the man he is meant to be.

‘My Partner Said She Was So Proud Of Me Doing The Work And She Can See It As Well. We Can Grow And Be On The Path Together Now’

Tim had been struggling with his own demons when it came to alcohol for quite some time. It was starting to affect each area of his life and put a significant amount of strain on his marriage. Since LAUNCH, he has been as sober as a judge, kicking goals in all aspects of life, and his relationship has improved. New career opportunities are on the horizon, and he is keeping up his discipline with Ice baths, Saunas and Brendon’s Daily 8 Routine!

‘It Was Certainly More Than I Expected And In Many Ways Different To What I Expected. The Biggest Thing Is That You’re Not Stuck And You Can Change The Future.’

Simon came to us a very different man, he was stuck with some significant feelings of depression for quite some time and had a few issues with self-worth, since doing our LAUNCH weekend, things have been improving for him across the board and giving a new found inner strength in order to face any challenges coming his way, business and personal.

“Probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself in terms of growth. . .The results that I got straight away and so quickly is nothing like I’ve been through before. . .And I believe it needs to be experienced by men a lot more. . .”

“I felt a lot lighter from it. . .because I found the big things that I know have affected me for so many years... .it gave me a lot of tools and better opportunities so I can be better for my family.”

“I’ve been through other men’s events where you just get the impression it’s a slick sales pitch and Brendon got none of that whatsoever. This is just a guy that’s truly passionate about what he’s doing and that really comes across. . .And he has a genuine care for other people and incredible patient with it, too.”

“I was thinking about getting into therapy, but I was unsure where to start. And I saw this ad on Facebook. . .and I kind of felt like this would be good. . .I’m glad I did this.”

“We never talked about this with our fathers, with our friends back in the day. And now we’re 50-year-old men trying to break the cycle for our kids. And that’s what it is. . .”

“The course is like no other that I’ve been a part of. . .His content is like no other. I’ve been chasing unconscious programming work for quite a while now, and I finally found it.”

'At the start of this I was crying coz I was in a ditch, now I'm crying coz I'm happy.'

Shayne had a good job, an amazing partner and two amazing kids, but was sneaking the drink on his days off and feeling guilty for it. He was in a rut and didn’t know how to get out of it. Today, his life is better than ever and together with his family he has moved to their dream property. He started a business and loves spending time with his kids. He no longer needs to block his emotions and knows he’s now in control of them.

'This should be taught to us at a much younger age.'

Jack had a highly successful business but found himself empty on the inside. He found ‘happiness’ from drugs and alcohol, which inevitably fueled a relationship breakdown, the final straw that saw him come to us for help. After working through a lot of childhood issues relating to his parents, he was no longer interested in ‘the party’ life. He met a new partner and now has a connection with her like no other.

'The best money I've ever spent on myself... it has changed my life completely.'

After several failed relationships, Mick was experiencing loss and knew he needed to make some changes. He has since lost weight and let go of old patterns that were causing problems in his relationships. He is healthier, happier and more confident.

'It has given me clarity and calmness where I used to have a short fuse.'

Greg was once someone who’d snap and say things he shouldn’t. He could feel himself self-sabotaging but felt he couldn’t do anything about it. After working with us, he’s now free from the old behavioural patterns and in a new relationship that is the best he has ever experienced.

'It has given me my life back. I feel like I'm 21 again.'

Following a relationship breakdown, Daniel had a lot of issues come to light. He struggled to communicate in relationships, avoided conflict and arguments, and couldn’t remember things. It’s hard to explain his transformation… he has changed every aspect of his life and is now experiencing inner peace.

'It has made me a more confident man in all aspects of my life.'

Dylan came to us after separating from his partner 18 months after their son was born. He struggled with jealousy and lack of confidence and would snap and go off easily. He has since moved on from the relationship and is kicking goals in all areas of life. He’s in the best shape he has ever been and now lives with confidence.

'It has been life changing and completely worth it.'

Dave was going through a rough patch in his life. He was doing well financially, but anxiety and depression had taken hold. He was snappy and having trouble connecting with his kids. Today, his life has done a complete turnaround and he’s happier, more confident, calm around his children, and closer to them than ever before.

'I can't even remember who I was before the program. This has been the best decision I've made.'

After losing his mother and sister and his long-term partner leaving him within 12 months, Kurt had a lot to deal with. He became reliant on weed and medication, had panic attacks in drive-thrus and did not want to live anymore. Now, Kurt is completely comfortable and confident in any situation and has even lost the need for weed and medication!

'This was just the best thing, without a doubt. Just do it because it will change your life.'

Jon had a string of self-sabotaging cycles that meant he would cut and run as soon as things got hard. As a result, he went from relationship to relationship and job to job. Not only that, he would have frequent outbursts, which left everyone around him ‘walking on eggshells’. Now, he has ended those self-sabotaging behaviours and is in the best spot he has ever been.

'I'm oozing with confidence and self-belief... dropped 20kg and I'm flying!'

It’s incredible how much Michael has transformed into a new man. He was stuck in a marriage he didn’t dare to leave and would drink and get angry. He was disconnected from his kids and was in a dark place. He is now free of cocaine, weed, alcohol, cigarettes, a lot of anger, guilt, and resentment, and he’s down 25kgs. All in 3 months.

'I wasn't happy within myself, my marriage was falling apart and my kids were experiencing too much anger and not enough love.'

Matt was in a cycle of anger and drinking and his whole family was suffering. His wife was about to leave, his kids didn’t want to know him and he was lost and unhappy. Now he’s got his relationship back and better than ever and his son came out of nowhere to hug him and say, ‘I love you, Dad’ for the first time.

'Opened my eyes to a lot of things about myself that I didn't know.'

Jason had just broken up with a long-term girlfriend. He found himself drinking way too much, his work was suffering and he could feel himself going downhill. He has since purchased his first home, kicked the drinking, and is finally the man he knew he could be.

'It has let me realise that my potential has always been there, I just haven't had the perspective to see it.'

Thomas had left his life in Sydney due to silly decisions while drinking. He moved in with friends in Queensland, and it wasn’t long before the same thing happened again and he was kicked out. Not only that, he struggled to communicate and was very socially awkward. He can now talk and communicate with anyone, his confidence is through the roof, and he has completely wiped out the drinking!

'I'm no longer using meth and I have a bright future.'

Lee had arrived at a point where due to addiction his life was a mess and his world had fallen around him. Not only was he struggling with meth, but he also found himself wasting hundreds of dollars on the pokies. With our help he has completely turned his life around; he’s studying to be a primary educator to help other children so they don’t end up with the same struggles he did.

'It has been life transforming. It has given me the tools to have the life I want to have.'

Life reached a point where he needed help. He was depressed, stressed, and was in the pit of sorrow. We helped him regain his confidence, and move through his lack of motivation, depression and childhood issues. He changed on the inside, and his partner noticed the difference. They recently got married.

'I got hungry again for life.'

Dario had a very rough childhood. His father abused him countless times, he was sexually assaulted by his pastor and was neglected but his whole family. Now, he’s the best he’s ever been, empowered, driven, hungry and is helping young men get off the streets.

'I learned to take life by the horns. I gained the tools I needed and wanted.'

Josh was struggling with uncontrollable emotions and outbursts that were coming out of nowhere. He is free from that now and got into a relationship soon after the program. Something he wanted for a long time. His relationship with his daughter has never been better.

'7 days clean ... F*CK BRO I FEEL ALIVE'

After being addicted to meth for 20 years, we helped him get clean in just two sessions. His relationship with his wife is now the best it has ever been.

'I don't know if I would be alive if I hadn't been doing your program...'

Matt suffered from severe depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD and was in a dark place when he came to us. He has since transformed himself into the most empowered man he has ever been, a completely new person from when we first met him.

'I can't quite get the grip on how great LIFE is...'

Hinton felt like he was existing and had no purpose in his life. Now he can’t believe how great his life is. He has completely broken FREE from meth addiction, cigarettes, PTSD and phobia of heights and is pain-free.

'I've been able to keep my emotions under better control ... I've come off my Mirtazapine... that's huge for me...'

We received this message after JUST ONE SESSION. He had lost three significant people in his life and was experiencing panic attacks daily. Imagine his results after the whole program!

'If it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't be here right now'

Nathan was in Grade 12. He was a high achiever but felt overwhelmed with exams, studies, TAFE and placement. His grandfather passed away, and his other grandfather had months to live. His mother was single and struggled with health issues. After just a few sessions, Nathan was back at his best and nailing it.

'Feeling very centred at the moment and more confident...'

Geoff was adopted at a young age. His mother was abusive and his dad drank to tolerate her. He had recently met his biological family and things didn’t go as expected. Before coming to us he was drinking heavily and felt like a disgrace to his wife and kids. He has let go of the guilt and shame and turned his life around, choosing instead to be a positive role model for his kids.