16 Qualities Of A Good Man

qualities of a good man

What makes a man a good man? 

Are there defined qualities that set a good man apart from a “not so good man” man? We have asked these questions over the years and debated them through generations. 

There are many misconceptions about what qualities a good man should possess. Some men believe being a good man is about pleasing everyone they meet. But they couldn’t be more wrong! 

The most outstanding quality a great man can have is his unwavering resoluteness.

And it is when you as a man feel that you are living up to your standards and potential you can exhibit the desired traits of a good man.

Below are 16 qualities of a good man. Use them as a guideline for how to become a better man.

1. A good man will have self-confidence

Men who have confidence in themselves tend to be happier. 

It shows that he can conquer his fears and go after what he wants in life. A good man will be supportive in helping others achieve their goals, but not if it means compromising his happiness. However, being confident does not necessarily mean being arrogant. Nobody likes the arrogant man!

2. A good man will have integrity

A good man has integrity in everything that he does. Knowing right from wrong, he would never think of putting himself in a questionable situation. 

His understanding of the value of trust in the one he loves never leads him to do anything intentionally to break it. 

A good man understands the significance of honour and always strives to live a life full of integrity.

man with self confidence

3. A good man will be compassionate

Contrary to what many believe in society today, showing compassion is not a sign of weakness. It’s actually a sign of a man who is strong inside and who knows how to love.

A good man will be protective, not just of his loved ones but also of humanity. 

4. A good man finds a way to balance his life

Spend your time wisely. One of the most valuable things you can spend in your lifetime is your time. A good man finds a way to balance his life between all important things to him, including family, friends, career, hobbies, and personal time for self-improvement. The ability to balance different aspects of your life comes from having a solid game plan.

5. A good man believes in his dream and works towards achieving it

You can’t be a good man if you don’t believe in your dreams. You have to trust your instincts and work hard towards achieving them, even when the odds are stacked against you.

This is because believing in yourself inspires others to do the same.

If you have no dreams or goals, it’s time to start thinking about what you truly want in life. I’m not saying you should have it all figured out today, but it’s essential to envision your goals in the future and what your life’s purpose is.

6. He listens to others regardless of his opinion

If you want to be a good man, you need to listen to others without passing judgment. There’s nothing wrong with having opinions, even if it’s not your own. You might disagree or think they’re wrong, but you show that you care about them by listening to them.

7. A good man has the vision to lead

A good man has the vision to lead. He may not be the best at leadership (which is okay!), but he will do his best to lead in whatever situation he finds himself in. After all, a good man takes life by the horns and leads it in the direction he believes is best.

man achieving dreams and purpose in life


8. A good man is not afraid of his weaknesses; he celebrates them

He knows that there is only so much he can do alone and that having people around him who are better at something than he enables him to learn and grow and gives him access to more knowledge.

9. A good man is secure with himself

A good man is secure with himself, knowing his capabilities and strengths. The more he accepts himself for who he is, the more confident and flourishing he will be. 

10. He’s honest about his problems

A good man isn’t afraid to speak up about his problems — because he knows that life is too short to linger on the things that bother him. He has so much respect for the opinions of others that he will tell them how he feels, even if it is something they don’t want to hear. He’ll be direct, honest, and unafraid.

11. A good man knows the value of money

One of the greatest strengths of a good man is resisting instant gratification because he knows the value of money, and he knows how to spend it (or not spend it) wisely.

12. A good man seeks knowledge

The cliche that knowledge is power may seem too simple to believe, but a good man knows it’s true because he’s already experienced it.

He doesn’t seek out knowledge in a way that will waste his time, but instead, he is thorough with the things he chooses to learn; he’ll seek out the best information out there.

This is because he understands that the more he knows, the greater of a man he becomes.

13. He is always in control of himself and his actions

A good man is always in control of himself and his actions. He doesn’t react based on emotion, and he prefers to think things through before he acts.

He makes decisions based on logic and reason. A good man understands that emotions can be misleading and likes to take a step back before deciding or taking action.

A good man also understands that life is not black and white but full of various shades of grey. He realizes that it’s important to compromise when necessary but still stands firm in what he believes in.

14. He cuts off toxic people from his circle

A good man always has a tight group of friends who he values. He is committed to these friends and would never break their trust or let them down.

However, if someone in his life is doing bad things, like lying or gossiping behind his back, he doesn’t tolerate that kind of behaviour. He ensures the culprits are excluded from his life immediately.

15. A good man is mature, calm, and collected

No, not the suit and tie type of mature. A good man is mature in handling life’s problems and how he treats others. He doesn’t get angry easily or lash out at others when something goes wrong. He doesn’t play games. He knows how to stay calm in difficult situations.

16. A good man has a positive attitude

The world is full of negativity. Whether it’s the news, social media, or just the way people talk to each other, there is a lot of negativity out there.

It is easy to spiral into negativity, but we must remain positive. After all, we can’t change what happens around us, but we can change how we react.

A good man has a positive attitude. Instead of complaining about things not working, he looks for ways to make them work.

The Bottom Line

Being a good man doesn’t mean you will not make mistakes. It means, however, that you’re willing to take responsibility for your actions and stop doing the things you know are not good. It’s all about growth and learning from experience, so do it right and then do it better someday.

It is also crucial to understand that good hygiene goes hand-in-hand with emotional and spiritual improvements. Maintaining good oral health, hair, and skin, as well as maintaining a healthy weight and posture, is crucial. 

After all, the first impression you give off is one of your most important assets.

I hope these traits have inspired you to become a better man and bring these qualities out of you. Remember, a good man thinks before he acts, speaks up when necessary, and always stays true to himself.


What is the ideal man?

The ideal man is self-aware, true to himself, and has the vision to lead. He focuses on his strengths and weaknesses and can control himself and his actions. He does not let his emotions get the better of him, but instead, he strives to be a positive person.

Why is it essential to be a good man?

It is crucial to be a good man because those around you will respect and look up to you for it. People who know you will believe in your abilities, and they’ll feel no need to put you down when they are with you.